Jul 1, 2011

The Beginning of Something...

     Well, here it is. My very first blog post... ever. I suppose this is what happens when you have so many things you would like to share with others and no real venue to do so outside of this electronic box we call a computer. 
     There have been many changes in my life recently, not the least of which includes becoming a mother to my beautiful daughter, Tallulah. Isn't she precious?

     I have also started my own Etsy store in an attempt to use my interests to help bring in some money so that I can try to stay home with Tallulah as much as I can. Let's face it ladies - it's not easy thinking about leaving our babies to return to work after our maternity leave is up and our savings has dwindled away.
     My boyfriend and I have also recently relocated to Cape Coral, FL so that we can raise our daughter around family, as I was raised. I have strong family ties and I wish for Tallulah to have the same. Besides, isn't it always nice to not have to always pay for a sitter? ;)
     So, what do I hope to do with this blog?  I hope to share... a lot. There are many blogs out there and all of those blogs have a ton of followers. My hope is that someone might find what I have to say or what I have to share interesting. Perhaps more interesting or more up their alley than the next blogger.
     So here it is. This is the beginning of something...