Apr 2, 2013

Weight Loss Goals

I've decided that with the beginning of April there will also be a new beginning for some serious health changes for me. Being Vegetarian and Belly Dancing twice a week just is not enough to get me to my overall health and weight loss goals. I have decided to lose 40 pounds by September 1st.

I have always been "big boned". In fact, I cannot remember a time when my weight was below 200 lbs. At my height (5'8") and with my bone structure I was happy and very comfortable at 220 lbs. Unfortunately, it's been awhile since I have seen that number on the scale as well.

When I was pregnant with Tallulah I actually lost weight instead of gaining weight for the better part of my pregnancy. After her birth I weighed less than when I initially got pregnant. Over the past two years my weight has fluctuated, albeit not by much.

With the big 3 - 0 looming in the horizon and the prospect of having another baby in the future it is time to get my butt in gear! I have enlisted some help (my cousin Anna @ - She's fabulous!) and put support people in place (family & friends) to help keep me motivated and on target. This goal is attainable!

Some of the biggest changes to my current lifestyle will be cutting out sweet teas and sodas, having a more defined exercise routine, and paying more attention to what I eat/counting calories. (Vegetarian isn't synonymous with "healthy".) I will officially start this lifestyle change when I get home from vacation. Wish me luck!

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