Feb 11, 2013

Baby Sign Language Cheat Sheet

Sign Language Cheat Sheet – Lula

All Done: move hands away from body as if pushing away a plate

Bath: move fists up & down as if scrubbing your body

Bed/Sleep: make a pillow with both hands and rest your head on the pillow

Book: make book with hands and open it

Clean Up: top hand swipes bottom as eyes frown

Dad: tap thumb to brow

Diaper: 2 fingers over thumb pat hip

Down: point down

Drink: make a “c” hand and bring to mouth

Eat: fingertips to mouth

Grandma: thumb to chin, then arch out twice

Grandpa: thumb to brow, then arch out twice

Help: use one hand (flat) to help the other hand (fist) up

Love: cross fists over chest

Mommy: tap thumb to chin

Mine: flat palm to chest

More: tap fingertips together

Play: make “hang loose” sign with hands and shake back and forth

Please: hand to heart in circular motion

Stop: pinky side of hand to palm of other hand

Thank You: fingertips to mouth then move outward

Walk: hands pointed downward then imitate walking movement

Want: palms up – curl fingertips and move straight in towards body

Water: curl thumb and pinky to palm making a “W” out of the other fingers and bring to mouth

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