Feb 11, 2013

Why Vegetarian/Vegan? Why Organic? Why prepared fresh?

Why vegetarian/vegan?

Healthier for the individual — A large body of scientific research indicates that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest. Vegetarians, for example, have the lowest rates of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and many other ailments.

Healthier for the environment — Animal agriculture poses a threat to the environment. Central and South American rainforests, for example, are being destroyed in part to provide cheap beef for export to other countries, including the U.S.

Why organic?

Healthier for the individual — Organic fruits and vegetables are free of pesticides and herbicides used in conventional agriculture. Organically grown produce, moreover, is not genetically engineered. The long-term effects of consuming genetically modified food are not known.

Healthier for the environment — The chemicals used in conventional agriculture end up in our streams, rivers, and lakes and in our water supply. Organic farming methods, on the other hand, focus on building the richness of the soil through natural means.

Healthier for the farmer — Farm chemicals are linked to higher incidence of cancer among farmers. Organic farming is not only healthier but more financially sustainable in the long run.

Why freshly prepared?

Whereas most people these days rely heavily on pre-prepared and frozen foods, I prefer to make freshly prepared food so that our meals are more nutritious and delicious.

I get asked these questions a lot and decided to come up with these SIMPLIFIED answers.

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