Feb 5, 2013

Religion vs Spirituality

Well, first of all. Spirituality and religion are not the same thing and most people confuse the two. Religion and spirituality have their differences but at the same time Religion can embrace spirituality - which accounts for why most people confuse them.

Many followers of religion feel that only their path can lead to salvation. They have tremendous faith in their own religion, but at the same time they feel other religions are wrong. Therefore, they can feel a necessity to convert others to their faith.

Spirituality feels that all religions are valid; like the analogy of many paths leading to the same goal. Spirituality embraces all the world religions, but at the same time, is not constrained by any religious dogmas or forms.

Religion tends to take great inspiration from the past. It reveres the ancient religious texts as the way to achieve salvation. Spirituality is not so concerned with the past. Spirituality believes in the eternal now. To attain liberation we need to live in the present. It is not the past or the future that gives us liberation. We achieve peace of mind only when we concentrate on doing the right thing here and now.

Religion places great emphasis on outer forms and outer rituals. These are helpful for giving a sense of formality to the worship of God. But spirituality is not concerned with outer rituals. Spirituality says that what is important is a seeker’s inner attitude. Through practicing spirituality we seek to develop an inner shrine in our own heart.

Thus said... I am a Spiritual creature. I am not religious.

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