Feb 27, 2013

Noodle Stroganoff (V, v)

1 32 oz Box of mushroom soup
1 cup chopped onion
1 T Worcestershire sauce*
1-2 C Veggie broth
12 oz button mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste

4 ounces tofutti cream cheese (for Vegan), or regular cream cheese (Vegetarian)
1 bag of Eggless Noodles of your choice (Vegan), or any noodles (Vegetarian)

Add all (except tofutti, and noodles) to crockpot.

Cook on low for 5-6 hours. If the sauce is not thick enough, add about 1/4 c or so of cornstarch.

30 minutes before serving, add tofutti or cream cheese and stir to combine. I then added the noodles on top of the mushroom sauce and VERY lightly stirred them in, just to get the flavors mixed in.

I served it over a slice or two of bread. Even my 22 month old chowed down! It is so delicious!!

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