Mar 17, 2013

Family Walks

With the impending addition to our family in the form of a puppy who will need daily walks for his health and happiness, we decided to establish a family walk routine. This routine, which we began today, consists of 2 thirty minute to hour long walks. One walk will be in the morning before Mark heads to work and the other will be in the evening before we do our nighttime routine.

Typically it is unusual for Tallulah and I to even see Mark in the mornings. We tend to start our day as he is heading out door. This does mean having an earlier start to our day, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

And what are those benefits?

~ Quality and uninterrupted time as a family: Being outdoors and breathing fresh air promotes a sense of calmness that can lead to bonding time and better conversations.

~ Health benefits: A brisk 30 min exercise is a great way to include cardiovascular exercise and cut calories out in your daily routine.

~ Leading by example: We´re setting a great example for Tallulah by modeling good healthy exercise habits that can reap future benefits in her attitude towards exercise.

~ Both Tallulah and our future puppy will get to work off their excess energy! (This is more a benefit for me then them. Haha.)

Do you have a daily family-time routine? How has it benefited the health of your family?

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