Mar 9, 2013

Wedding Music

Since our wedding is going to be so small I was having a difficult time coming up with music choices since our selection was limited by the amount of time available to us at our wedding location. My processional was the simplest choice because I've known what I wanted to walk down the "isle" to since I was 16. Haha. As for the rest of the music choices, I tried to match both of our taste in music, stay relatively current, coincide with our personalities, and comply with the tone we wanted to set. Voila! (Actually, it was more like... Hmmm, hmph, huh... Oh! Heh.)

Here is our relatively finalized music choices.

Bride’s Processional (walk in) -
"Where You Are" by FFH

Recessional -
"Marry You," Bruno Mars

First dance (if any) -
"Overjoyed," Matchbox Twenty

Other requested music for reception -
"Ho Hey," The Lumineers
"Kiss Me," Ed Sheeran
"Bruises," Chairlift
"Dearest," The Black Keys
“Firework” - Katy Perry
"The Reason" - Hoobastank

And here is a link to the Youtube Playlist for your listening enjoyment. :)

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