Mar 3, 2013

Goddess Belly Dancer Resources

As a plus size dancer, sometimes I find it difficult to find good resources for costuming. Most "plus sizes" that are available main stream don't really cut it for me. Either they are still too small (even if only slightly) or they aren't in the styles or colors that I want. So I decided to compile a resource list for my fellow plus size dance sisters! Most of these vendors do custom to YOUR measurements, thus taking all of the guesswork and stress out of the sizing equation. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I do hope this list is helpful.

Of course I have to start off with some shameless self promotion. Right now I mostly sell bindis of my own design and creation and gemstone jewelry. Soon I will be adding silk ribbon wrap jewelry with Kuchi accents, hip scarves, and costuming supplies. It is my hope that my repertoire will only continue to grow as I am able to add a larger variety of products.

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Now on to my Resource List!

Online Stores: - Custom Belly Dance Clothes - For Plus Size Dancers and Divas - So Many Options! - Luxurious hand-made clothes for dance and yoga. - Plus Size section with decent selection. - American Tribal Style®, Tribal Fusion, and Folkloric Belly Dance  and/or - Body stockings. Etc.

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love Etsy. I love supporting small business and stay at home moms. Granted not all of the vendors on Etsy fit the bill, but a good majority of them do. Being a crafty person myself, I appreciate what Etsy has to offer. Not to mention living in an area that offers next to nothing I want or need at a local level makes my love of Etsy that much stronger. This next list is specifically for Etsy vendors. :)

Etsy Vendors: - Specializing in ATS/Tribal Bellydance costuming, unique jewelry, and Bindis - Original Mandala Pixie Vests & Goddess Wear Can Be Found Here - Dance Wear Custom Orders
VaudevilleGypsy.etsy.comCostume, Accessories & Jewelry  
eleven44.etsy.comHand made eco clothing - pants, tops, underwear, bras, skirts, dresses, etc.
hipstarrdesigns.etsy.comClothes that you can dance, spin, leap, fly, and play in.
BlissBus.etsy.comQuality, unique handmade clothing.
Zizzyfaywear.etsy.comMagical clothing inspired by nature and faerie realm. - Custom Clothing. Their pants are fabulous! - Unique Belly Dance Gear - Fabulous Dance Bras and Bindis - Handmade Clothing
Apia.etsy.comApia's Dancewear is for dancers who MUST look elegant in the studio! - Dance Bras - Original handmade apparel for dance. - Dressing the Goddess within. - Custom Costumes for Dancers
undulation.etsy.comComfortable workout wear for bellydance, tribal, burlesque and latin dancing.
SweetassDesigns.etsy.comHula Hoop, Belly Dance, and Festival Clothing - Traditional and Custom Sizes - Custom Sized Tribal Clothing - Goddess Sizes Available - Clothing and Accessories

Personal Favorites: These vendors are either personal friends of mine or are vendors I have personally ordered from and had fabulous experiences with! - Unitards, leotards, and body stockings. Etc. - Skirts that Really Fly - Coin Bras, Hip Belts & Turkish Vests - Hand Knit Dancewear - Headresses, Skin Candy, Costumes
MadDanceDesigns.etsy.comCustom made Tribal Fusion and Goth Fusion Belly Dance Costumes - Tops, Skirts, Hip Scarves and Pants - Prices are negotiable!!!! Variety of Belly Dance Costuming.
Kahramana.etsy.comBelly dance hip scarves from plus size to petite and girls'.

Have fun shopping! And feel free to share vendors you have found that cater to our voluptuos curves! ;)

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