Mar 5, 2013

This Lovely Hectic Life

Posts may slow down a little bit over the next couple of months. Life is hectic, but lovely and I wouldn't have it any other way!

It's already March and the weather continues to improve. This year marks a lot of new beginnings for me and my little family. For one thing, we've decided to add a new member to it. We will be welcoming home a male brown and white parti standard poodle puppy the Monday before my daughter's birthday.

You can see a video of the litter at one week old here:

Getting ready to have a puppy is very similar to getting ready for a new baby. You have to acquire all of the necessary supplies, "puppy proof" your home, discuss training methods with your partner to make sure everyone is on the same page, and set up a new routine that will work for everyone involved. If you don't take these preliminary steps then introducing a new animal to your home will be more work and stress than it should be for both the humans and canines involved.

April 20th marks my daughter's 2nd annual. :) It's almost surreal thinking about the fact that I will have a two year old in such a short amount of time, but there it is! She's growing up so fast and every day I can see the light inside of her shining ever more brightly. I have never loved anyone more or been more proud of anything in my life. Sometimes I just look at her in sheer awe. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings for her.

Not much more than a month later her father and I officially "tie the knot" in an intimate ceremony at The 1812 Hitching Post in Harmony, NC. Even though we are going on our 3rd year of being together, this wedding is coming up quickly. We only decided to get married officially right around Yule. 5 months is really not that long to plan everything out and get everything situated! Luckily our chosen event location offers packages so that I don't have to stress about EVERY detail. It may be small, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be my own version of perfect!

Here is their website if you would like more information on The 1812 Hitching Post:

Then, probably in the beginning or middle of June, we're off to Oregon for a couple of weeks to visit Mark's parents. I've never been to Oregon before so I am hoping to get in some amazing outdoor and Portland visiting time. :) I only hope Tallulah does well on our flights to and from.

On July 13th and 14th I will be premiering my business, Afet, in my first vending role at the Down East Bellydance and Drum Fest in New Bern, NC. How exciting!

That put us just over halfway through the year! The rest of the year should be a piece of cake after all of the excitement of the first half.

So there you go! When posts go a little slack in the next few months please don't hold it against me. It's just life being, well, life! On the plus side, having so much going on will certainly give me some interesting things to write about when things settle down. ;)

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