Jan 31, 2013

Lavender & Moss

As many of you may know, Mark & I are getting married at the end of May. Even though we are having a very small wedding/elopement I want everything to be perfect. In my planning I have come up with the theme of Lavender & Moss.

All flowers have a meaning. Lavender flowers have their own special meaning. When given as a gift, lavender flowers represent purity, silence and luck. Lavender flowers also convey a message of devotion, which is why I chose them. That and they are pretty and smell lovely!

Most people don't even know that moss has a floral meaning, but it does. Moss' floral meaning is charity and maternal love. I think that the maternal love aspect has a good place in our theme seeing how our daughter, Tallulah, is also going to be our little flower girl. Also, moss thrives in the shade which, to me, can reflect how even when life gets dark we continue to grow together as a couple and as a family. Plus I think moss is beautiful!

The lavender and moss together portray a kind of casual whimsy to me. Perfect for what I want!

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