Jan 28, 2013

Why is conditioning important?

Last night I started going to a double whammy of belly dance classes. At 5:15, I started in Kaitlyn Bellydance's Beginner/Intermediate class which is mostly Cabaret. Then directly following that class she also teaches a Tribal class that mostly follows the ATS format trademarked by Fat Chance Belly Dance. Both of these classes are already amazing! Kaitlyn incorporates a lot of conditioning into these classes catered to belly dancing and a belly dancer's body and the moves that we do. Let me just say here that my booty was kicked and this morning I am very sore! It's a good kind of sore though. Next time I will definitely hydrate better!!

So why is conditioning so important?

Some find that working out is a natural activity that they excel at without much effort, while others find that they need to plan ahead in order to stay motivated and see results. Most people don’t know how to train hard and keep up their conditioning so their body stays healthy and hydrated.

Strength and Conditioning training aims to improve sport performance and even everyday life by helping stop injuries and increasing fitness. The focus of Strength and Conditioning will vary according to the needs of the individual but can include: strength and power work, speed, balance, plyometrics, flexibility and endurance training.

If you don’t have a rhythm going while you workout to build up sweat and get your heart rate going you won't see that great of results. That’s why it’s so extremely important to learn how to workout so that you condition your body to keep the heart rate up.

If you don’t warm up before your workout, you won’t get your heart rate up. The higher the heart rate the better your body can pump blood flow to your muscles to force them to work and grow.

When you use conditioning, for example, you train in a rotating workout routine with various exercises non-stop and with very little rest to condition your body to make that blood flow.

If you don’t add this type of training into your workouts you risk getting plateaus in your muscle development or weight loss. Condition training, even if you throw it into your workout once a week, will help keep your body from causal injuries from the same old cardio your body is used to.

The benefits of conditioning training are great, you will see more strength, flexibility and much more confidence in your workouts or dance routine.

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